Mutant Scenes at La Capella

La Capella is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a space for the promotion of emerging art. And it is doing so in episodes. Here we have the fourth.

10 Recommended Art Books

Essays, anthologies, guides, anecdotes, graphic novels…2019 has a host of bibliographic novelties on the topic of art. And the day of Sant Jordi is the perfect excuse to buy one (or more) of them. Here are our recommendations.

Three Art Books for a Desert Island (and 2)

In anticipation of the Day of the book for Sant Jordi, we asked our “Mirador de les Arts” contributors which three art books they would take with them on a desert island. Their answers are surprising.

Three Art Books for a Desert Island (1)

In anticipation of the Day of the book for Sant Jordi, we asked our “Mirador de les Arts” contributors which three books they would take with them on a desert island. Their answers are surprising.

Mechanism of Detachment

“Absències”, a small retrospective of work by Ramon Guillen-Balmes is on show at the Busquets Space of the Massana School of Art and Design.

The (double) Secret of Víctor Silva

A mysterious artist named Víctor Silva is exhibiting a series of small format painting at the Víctor Saavedra gallery, accompanied by their photographic reproductions in monumental proportions. Why?

Shall We Go on a Gallery Crawl?

When was the last time you stepped inside an art gallery? Can you name, from memory, the names of three art galleries in your town or city? Don’t worry, there is still time to retake the test.

Sweetly soft…

…comfortable, resistent, easy to wash. This is how , in the seventies, the new textile fabrics from the Mataró manufacturers were advertised. Mataró was a city specialising in the new textile modes and today exhibits its industrial heritage in the old Can Marfà factory.

Jordi Baron and snatches of time

Jordi Baron Rubí is an antiques dealer (third generation), collector of antique photos, and fine-art photographer. Each one of these facets feeds in to the other two.

Gabriel Cualladó is ours

As often happens with good books and films, the exhibition by Gabriel Cualladó at the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation stays with you for some time after your visit.

Berenice Abbott: Absolutely Modern

A wide-ranging retrospective at the Fundación Mapfre’s Barcelona gallery highlights the North American photographer’s commitment to freedom, modernity and creativity.

What to do about Brother Josep Maria de Vera?

Only very recently we have discovered the name of a now deceased Capuchin monk who was based in Barcelona and formed part of the considerable list of clerics recently accused of sexual crimes with children.

Sex, books and the lumpen

What connects gimp masks and an abandoned library? The Pink Panther and a blow-up doll? All is revealed in Evaristo Benítez’s exhibition “Décalage”, at Galeria Contrast.

AIDS Anarchive, documents that fill gaps

Intersexuals, radicalised people, homosexuals, guerrillas, HIV victims. We can say that thanks to the exhibit “AIDS Anarchive”, organised by the Documentation Centre of the MACBA, the museum is we are filling the gap.

Emotional Microvisits

The so-called microvisits to the “Poetics of Emotion” exhibition, which are offered by the CaixaForum every weekend, without the need for reservation and at no additional cost, are a simple and easy way to get closer to contemporary art.

The 1976 Venice Biennale as a Symptom

The cultural control of the Spanish and Catalan Communist parties took the baton from the window-dressing politics of Francoism. In the midst of the transition to democracy, the 1976 Venice Biennale bore clear witness to this.

Louise Bourgeois: a lesson in survival and freedom

Survival and vulnerability but also courage and freedom. This is the message that all Louise Bourgeois’ work exudes and for me she is one of the best artists of the twentieth century, out of both men and women.

I have been, I am and I will always be a Surrealist

That is how Juan Batlle Planas defines himself in an interview in the newspaper Clarín in 1965, just a couple of years before his death. In the Art Museum of Girona you can see the first exhibition of this artist – Argentinean but with his origins in the Empordà.

Political art. A Tricky balance

A few years ago I was able to visit the Proa Foundation in Buenos Aires. Ai Weiwei was exhibiting. The exhibit was called “Inoculación” and consisted of a large number of political works presented as a project of public and social intervention, as dissident art.

Roi Soleil: the limits of power

The eye of the camera has no compassion: regardless of whether you put in front of it. In the case of “Roi Soleil” Albert Serra once again opts for the agonising body of Louis XIV, embodied by another mythical body –that of Lluís Serrat, alias Sanxini, who he has used in almost all of his projects.

The Only Difference Between a Madman and Me…

The figure of Joan Obiols Vié (Granollers, 1918 – Cadaqués, 1980) is multifaceted. This recognised psychiatrist and academic, art collector and cultural activist in times of Francoist restrictions… has not had a complete exhibition dedicated to him until now.

Barcelona is falling. Fall and carry on…

Most of these last four decades of democracy have been spent creating a fake culture, using as a marketing ploy a country which urgently needed to demonstrate that it could hit the spot in terms of European culture.

Ignasi de Solà-Morales. Resistant Violence

“In fact, any architectural operation is an imposition, a colonisation which involves violence”. An exhibition at La Virreina reviews the intellectual and critical legacy of the architect Ignasi de Solà-Morales. You won’t be left feeling indifferent.

Sense and Sensibility at the CaixaForum

This interesting study, in exhibition format, addresses emotion though western art. Do we feel the same now as we did five hundred years ago? Is art able to lie and be sincere at the same time?

My Gothic Granny

The girl strangles the boy with her bare hands and stares into the camera. Her murderous eyes penetrate right through the photographer as her victim’s tongue hangs out of the side of his mouth. All framed by the darkness and shadows of the forest.

Je ne veux pas travailler

A group exhibition on time brings together philosophy and contemporary art at Can Felipa. With nine artists and a Heideggerian title that says “Waste time and buy a watch to do so!”

Our Artistic Relationship with Technology

“Our simple relationship with technology” is the exhibition organised by Mobile Week Barcelona 2019 as the star event in its parallel cultural programme. This exhibit is a reflection on the digital transformation of our society through 14 works by international artists.

Infinite Arts in L’Hospitalet

La Infinita, in L’Hospitalet, is a new space of multidisciplinary creation and is the brainchild of Jordi Colomer and his partner, the producer Carolina Olivares.

Paintings with Titleplates

Many of the old paintings hanging in city apartments have a small gold titleplates with the name of the painter – usually one of the Grand Masters: Murillo, Ribera, Velázquez, Zurbarán.

The Motor Car in Catalan Art

As a result of the age of its own invention, the motor car cannot have been a theme in art much before the turn of the twentieth century.

Lina Bo Bardi draws the future of the Miró Foundation

The Miró Foundation presents an exhibition of drawing by the Italian-Brazilian Lina Bo Bardi, one of the most important architects of the twentieth century, following the storm which has blown up over the dismissals and the losses of the institution.

The Final Edit of Isaki Lacuesta

“I have been making video installations for some time. They allow me to continue making films in different ways. Because in cinema films there are some things that cannot be done. Either because of the format, or the context, or the audiences, which have become very conservative.”

Venus and Adonis by Estudi Giró

One of the most famous paintings by Titian is “Venus and Adonis”, and it enjoyed so much success at the time that many replicas were made of it, with minimal variations. In the work, the artist does not focus on the myth portrayed by Ovid, but is a free version and one which, to this day, we cannot be sure whether it is of his own invention.

Barcelona is a Computer Game

When Barcelona had no share in the computer games industry, it suddenly often appeared as the setting for one. Now that it has become the unarguable capital of said industry, the computer games no longer appear. Does anyone know what is going on?

The World of Casas

The painter Ramon Casas was the great columnist for one of the most brilliant and convulsive periods of the history of Catalonia. The Gothsland Gallery has put on a magnificent exhibition of his work, which accompanies the presentation of the first volume of the Complete Catalogue of the artist.

Incombustible Guinovart

The density of techniques, materials and content which can come together in a single work of Josep Guinovart is almost infinite.

The Mini-landscape of

Jordi Mitjà, Jon Uriarte and Ingrid Guardiola have taken the fourth episode from –the visual laboratory of the region– to the Museum of the Empordà in Figueres and the Museum of Exile in La Jonquera.

Angoulême, the capital of comic

In this world there is a city almost as unreal as The Invisible Cities as described by Italo Calvino. This city is called Angoulême and the streets are Rue Hergé and Rue Goscinny.

Saliva, Sweat and Blood at the SÂLMON Festival

The SÂLMON Festival, which is in its seventh year with an extended programme, is always a stimulating event for measuring the pulse of new tendencies in dance, performance arts and contemporary live art.

When Dalí made up with his Father

An excerpt from the unpublished diaries of Rafael Santos Torroella reveals, through Anna Maria Dalí, what Salvador Dalí’s reconciliation with his father was like, having been expelled by the family for his relationship with Gala and the surrealist ‘sect’.

Mercy for the MACBA

To the now classic dilemma of “who do you like best, Mummy or Daddy?” the people of Barcelona have added “which do you prefer, culture or health?”.

Three Impertinent Young Girls

Now that the Facebook robot censors have put into practice the implacable and efficient, white and starched, orders of Silicon Valley puritanism, it brings to mind an interesting and strange controversy which took place in Barcelona at the height of the Primo de Rivera dictatorship.

The Purge of the Foundations

The artistic and hereditary fabric of Catalonia is extensive…and thinly spread, too thinly spread. Are the recent staff dismissals at the Joan Miró Foundation and the “strategic change” at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation, warnings of future suspensions?

An Explosive Dalí

Dalí rocks! He invented soft watches, the paranoiac-critic method, the museum as a theatre of experience and, even after his death, the exhibition in two acts.

The Lost Caravaggio

All antiquarians who dedicate out noble profession to antique paintings have dreamed of finding a Caravaggio.

Sergio Mora: expanded drawing and international success

Sergio Mora is able to express himself with as much freshness in a painting exhibition, an illustrated book either for adults or for all readers, a bizarre comic, an album cover or a subjective and non-neutral design for fashion or interiors. The book “Moraland” brings together a collection of his work.

The City Will Not Make Us Free

The Umbral project in the Barcelona metro: thirteen suburban artistic works on migration and its political, social and symbolic contradictions.

Commissioned Portraits (1)

Recently there has been some controversy about the portrait of the King of Spain by the portrait painter Hernán Cortés Moreno, specialist in this type of work.

Surcharges in Olot

Political art has a very bad press, when what should really have a bad name is art which says nothing.

Game over. Insert coin

“Sobrecàrregues” is an initiative of the Assembly of Artists of La Garrotxa. Every month the Assembly invites an artist to hand on the façade of Olot Town Hall a life-sized interpretation of “The Charge” (1902) – the best-known work by Ramon Casas.

The Whole of Tharrats

An exhibition at the Fundació Tharrats d’Art Gràfic commemorates the centenary of the birth of this artist from Girona and explores his multiple creative sides.

Tintin on the Moon

CosmoCaixa invites us to an exhibition that links Hergé’s comic “Mission to the Moon” (1950) with the Apollo 11 mission (1969).

Colonizing New Art Spaces

Jordi Abelló’s research to find new formats and places to share his pictorial and audiovisual creation leaves no stone unturned.