Dancing in the Air

The Delrevés ‘vertical dance’ company provides the award-winning performance in the Summer Nights of the CaixaForum Barcelona with “Finale”.

Dancing and Empowerment with Sol LeWitt

The “Summer Nights” at CaixaForum have changed and are now taking place exclusively on line, offering a range of performing arts which reclaim the transformative capacity of art.

The Dalí painting that flew through the air

A car runs at high speed through the Alps. The travelers want to get home as soon as possible to enjoy one of the masterpieces Salvador Dalí’s youth phase. However, the painting will not reach its final destination in its best conditions.

New life for Fabra & Coats

The Open Factory will bring together all the activities that Fabra & Coats – Art Factory and Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona has organised for the Sant Andreu neighbourhood festival, which will enjoy their high point at the Open Door event on 30 November.