The Sleepwalking Antique Dealer

Dominique Lambert is twenty years old and lives in Paris. His mother, Isabelle, is a well-known psychiatrist and his father, Christophe an antique dealer or cronopio.

Franco the Painter

All political leaders have had an artistic hobby: President Clinton played the sax, Nero the lyre, Alphonse XIII was an adult film producer and Franco liked painting.

Churchill, Hitler, Eisenhower… painters

Everyone knows them as some of the most central characters in history, capable of pulling the strings during the Second World War…but when they had a moment all three would settle down to do a spot of relaxing painting as if they had never hurt a fly.

A Brief Encyclopaedia of Forgers

If right now you were looking at a factitious “Encyclopaedia of Well-known Forgers of Art”, the contents page would include creators as famous as Michelangelo and Picasso.

Shall We Go on a Gallery Crawl?

When was the last time you stepped inside an art gallery? Can you name, from memory, the names of three art galleries in your town or city? Don’t worry, there is still time to retake the test.

Uri Geller and Salvador Dalí: a paranormal friendship

Not many people know that Uri Geller and Salvador Dalí met in Barcelona and kept in touch for quite some time. One painted the first bent spoon and the other bent spoons using the powers of the mind. Paranormal surrealism?

My Gothic Granny

The girl strangles the boy with her bare hands and stares into the camera. Her murderous eyes penetrate right through the photographer as her victim’s tongue hangs out of the side of his mouth. All framed by the darkness and shadows of the forest.