The Summer Nights at CaixaForum have changed and are now taking place exclusively on line, offering a range of performing arts which reclaim the transformative capacity of art. On Wednesday 29 July at 8pm there is a new version of Las Muchísimas, a project of the  Mariantònia Oliver company.

What happens when you bring together on the stage a dozen women of a certain age who are not professional dancers? “They can exploit a lot of content, there are as many differences as there are things in common”, say Mallorcan choreographer Oliver. “Las Muchísimas is about the vigour and beauty of women over 60”, she adds.

Las Muchísimas.

This show with the superlative title continues the thread of a story which began with Las Muchas (2012), in which women between 70 and 87 years old took part to reflect on the common identity and fragility of people who, despite being invisibilised because of their age and their non-standard bodies, feel alive and show it by dancing.  The call for diversity and the social focus remain present in this new work – in fact working with older people, with functional diversity and groups at risk of social exclusion is one of the lines of the company – but Oliver considers that Las Muchísimas is an “artistic project” more than an act of vindication.

“Non-professional but brave women exposing themselves to and confronting work with their bodies”.

The soundtrack plays a fundamental role in the work. On the one hand we hear the music of Joana Gomila, which is the result of a close working relationship with the choreography, and on the other the panting and the words of the artists taking part: Mallorcan, Catalan and Slovenian women who Oliver  got to know and select in her workshops. She describes them as non-professional women who are brave enough to expose themselves to and confront working with their bodies”.

Las Muchísimas has toured Europe and has been see in festivals such as the OFF in Avignon and the Namur in May festival, Belgium. With a theatre-style format – and up to 17 people on the stage – there is also a lighter adaptation for street performances, which was presented in the Barcelona metro as part of the Grec festival in 2109. This latter format is that chosen for the CaixaForum performance, which will take place in a corner of the museum, in front of the mural by Sol LeWitt: “We dance our piece with the movement in the mural in mind; it is a quivering backdrop, really powerful, there are moments of really high energy”, says Oliver.