Joana Hurtado, the new director will soon reveal the programme for 2020, but we can already see the resident projects in  Fabra & Coats – Art Factory and Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona through The Open Factory, the programme organised for the Sant Andreu neighbourhood festival from 29 November to 8 December.

The Open Factory brings together all the activities organised by F&C for the neighbourhood festival which has its high point at the Open Door event on 30 November.

General view of the exhibition One Day I Stumbled Upon a Meteorite. Photo: Xavi Torrent.

During the Sant Andreu Festival you can visit the exhibition One Day I Stumbled Upon a Meteorite, which forms part of the Barcelona LOOP Festival, on the first floor every day except Monday. The exhibition shows work by eight artists who use the cosmic space as a filter to represent human desires, life on earth and knowledge. According to Carolina Ciuti, who curated the show, “we step back from scientific discourse to redirect it towards a more metaphorical context, where looking at the works reduces the distance between the immensity of the universe and our own daily microcosms…as if by walking distractedly through the streets we come face to face with a meteorite”.

Audiovisual reading of The Case for Letting the Stars Determine Who I Date.

And at 7pm on Friday 29 November, as part of the exhibition, the Espai Zero will offer the video lecture The Case for Letting the Stars Determine Who I Date, by researcher Núria Gómez Gabriel. This is a performance about changes in our emotional relationships following the breakthrough of technology and artificial intelligence.

The Open Factory will offer its main activity on Saturday 30 November between 11am and 11pm. From 11am to 2pm you can go to the second floor of the building for workshops by many of the resident artists, where you can talk to them directly. At 11.30am there will also be a 90-minute guided tour including a personalised reception by the artists in their workshops where they will talk about their working process.

Among the activities on Saturday 30, don’t miss The Exploding Fest: The present is not written down. This is a multidisciplinary meeting of more than fifty artists paying homage to Andy Warhol and his Exploding Plastic Inevitable. The festival includes different artistic form such as music, performance, movement, video and words.

On Wednesday 4 December on the ground floor there will be an evening of music organised jointly with the Harmonia Ateneu. At 8.30pm there will be a performance by the new formation of Roger Peláez and Vidal Soler La Cosa Pública and at 9.30pm Sant Andreu heavy metal band de Sant Andreu Istari Band will  play a concert.

During the weekend of the 7 and 8 December F&C will host the Reteena Audio-visual Festival for young people in Barcelona, with lectures on anime, make-up for fantasy productions, setting up, low cost photography and podcast creation.

Visitors in the exhibition On Day I Stumbled Upon a Meteorite, in front of Irene Grau’s work Constellation. Photo: Xavi Torrent.

The new director of Fabra & Coats – Art Factory and Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona means that both section – the art centre and the art factory – can offer mutual feedback and include all sides of the creative process on a single platform (research, creativity, production, exhibition and distribution) as well as the different cultural agents involved (artists, curators, researchers, etc.).

For the moment we know that the annual programme will include a minimum of six exhibitions, two of which (one created by the artist and the other curated) are local. A cooperation network with national and foreign institutions will also be set up and a call for collaborations to internationalise each year at least one of the home-produced shows. Other new features will be calls for applications for residencies for foreign artists, who will be accommodated in the five flats set aside for that purpose for the entire Barcelona Art Factories network.

Internationalisation of the calls will allow F&C into the residency exchange circuits and promote the dissemination of Catalan art production abroad.

Facade of Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació i Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona.

Since it has occupied the old textile factory – which was once the nerve centre of the Sant Andreu neighbourhood, Fabra & Coats – Art Factory and Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona is set to spill outside the artistic framework with a new education programme which aims to involve the social fabric, promoting critical debate, exchange, experimentation and public participation. This move will help to consolidate the shared management model, between the team of directors, the municipal council and the resident artists which was established a couple of years ago with the Fabra Council.