Beauty XXL

On 27 June Soler y Llach will put up for auction some incredible posters from the Josep Torné collection. These are masterpieces in the world of postermaking by artists as big as Josep Renau, Ricard Opisso, Capiello, Cassandre, A. de Riquer, Ramon Casas and Segrelles.

Unknown sisters

Clichés about the affinity between Italy and Spain aside, it is true that cultural and artistic exchanges between the two countries are less intense than one might expect. In Barcelona, an exhibition, an urban installation, workshops and other initiative are an attempt to redress this lack of reciprocal recognition.

The Other Catalans of the Biennale

There is life beyond the pavilion. The Catalan art scene in Venice nudge their way into institutional projects for the Biennale and also parallel initiatives.

Halloween at the Museum

There is a day for everything but if you want to attract young people you have to celebrate at night. And that is exactly what the “Museums Night” – the cool and fun version of the formal “Museums Day” – does.

Memory, Pain… and Poletiquette

Mauthausen was again news. We talked about the weight of memory with Jesús Galdón, the author of the plaque that, through emptiness, recalls the victims of Nazi barbarism.

Twinkles and surprises

The world of art galleries is picking up, but more than that it is experiencing profound change. Not only are new galleries opening, but there are changes in the format, the business model, the planning and also the audiences.

10 Recommended Art Books

Essays, anthologies, guides, anecdotes, graphic novels…2019 has a host of bibliographic novelties on the topic of art. And the day of Sant Jordi is the perfect excuse to buy one (or more) of them. Here are our recommendations.

Jordi Baron and snatches of time

Jordi Baron Rubí is an antiques dealer (third generation), collector of antique photos, and fine-art photographer. Each one of these facets feeds in to the other two.

What to do about Brother Josep Maria de Vera?

Only very recently we have discovered the name of a now deceased Capuchin monk who was based in Barcelona and formed part of the considerable list of clerics recently accused of sexual crimes with children.

Emotional Microvisits

The so-called microvisits to the “Poetics of Emotion” exhibition, which are offered by the CaixaForum every weekend, without the need for reservation and at no additional cost, are a simple and easy way to get closer to contemporary art.

Infinite Arts in L’Hospitalet

La Infinita, in L’Hospitalet, is a new space of multidisciplinary creation and is the brainchild of Jordi Colomer and his partner, the producer Carolina Olivares.

Angoulême, the capital of comic

In this world there is a city almost as unreal as The Invisible Cities as described by Italo Calvino. This city is called Angoulême and the streets are Rue Hergé and Rue Goscinny.

Treasures on paper

Just as Jep Gambardella, the star of La grande bellezza, loved the smell of old houses, there are people that area fascinated by auctions of old books and manuscripts.