Work is Action

Fabra & Coats Contemporary Arts Centre offers two exhibition that question the very essence of the exhibition.

The Vampire Canon in Film

The “Fear and Pleasure. Vampire Movies” programme, at CaixaForum Barcelona, shows how this Gothic, aristocratic figure has conquered our screens.

The Runway of Awareness

Once again this year I ask the same photographer friend a favour: to accompany me to the World Press Photo (WPPh) exhibition. But this time I notice him tad less apathetic.

Emergency Design

The exhibition “Emergency! Design against COVID-19” shows the collective effort of the design world in fighting the current viral pandemic.

The Art of Symbiosis

The contemporary art of the Suñol Foundation meets the permanent collections of the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) in a risky experiment entitled “Intrusive Dialogues”.

The dregs of Modernisme

Six years after it first opened its doors, the Design Museum of Barcelona has incorporated Modernisme in it journey of exhibitions.

Rescuing the Vampire

The exhibition “Vampires. The evolving myth” (CaixaForum Barcelona) pays homage to the nineteenth century version of the myth to seduce you, make your blood boil and leave you coming out with a crick in your neck.

Modest Urgell, finally over the horizon

As part of the events for the centenary year of his death, the Museum of Art of Girona presents Modest Urgell (Barcelona, 1839-1919), with all his complexity and contradictions.

Life in modern cities

The exhibition “Camera and City. Urban Life in Photography and Film” at the CaixaForum Barcelona brings together 244 pieces by 80 photographers and filmmakers, made between 1910 and 2010. Together they form a kind of visual essay or reflection through still and moving images.

Museum of the Empordà: Disquieting de Juana

Pasear por la última exposición de Eudald de Juana en el Museu de l’Empordà (Figueres) es como transitar un sueño; da la sensación de que sus esculturas nos observan y que, de repente, sean capaces de desvanecerse.

Museum of Lleida: reclaiming the Baroque

The Museum of Lleida has undertaken a makeover of its Renaissance and Baroque halls. This has offered the chance to do justice to and get a better understanding of the Catalan Baroque which has so far been the subject of little public knowledge.

Mirador Gallery: Catalonia as a mirage

A exhibition at the Apel·les Fenosa Foundation in El Vendrell recuperates the memory of the Mirador gallery in Paris – a space for Catalan culture in exile in post-war Paris.

Abyss or Refuge?

The exhibition Freefall at the CaixaForum Barcelona explores the situation of uncertainty, concern and sometimes even panic which many people are suffering during these times of structural crisis.

The Magic Tricks of Bill Viola

The art of Bill Viola (Nova York, 1951) has got a hypnotic quality so intense that it fascinates and annoys in equal measure: the same is true for the mystical and spiritual substrata of his work.