Combat per amor a l’art

Combat per amor a l’art

Només entrar a l’exposició Cinc anys a les trinxeres, una espècie de mirall amb forma de filacteri penjat a la paret, obra de Jesús Galdón, reflecteix a qui acaba d’entrar a la galeria El quadern robat.

Portrait of a Venetian Lady

Portrait of a Venetian Lady

One of the dreams of any antiquarian-cronopio is to have a famous client visit their shop and buy everything. The possibilities are minimal but, in this business, like in life, it could happen. In fact, it did happen to a colleague of mine the day that…

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Mercy for the MACBA

Mercy for the MACBA

To the now classic dilemma of “who do you like best, Mummy or Daddy?” the people of Barcelona have added “which do you prefer, culture or health?”.

Tintin on the Moon

Tintin on the Moon

CosmoCaixa invites us to an exhibition that links Hergé’s comic “Mission to the Moon” (1950) with the Apollo 11 mission (1969).

Time is on the side of the vanquished

Time is on the side of the vanquished

Just when the United States once again demonstrate their untamed meddling in the internal affairs of South America and when Pedro Sánchez recognises and legitimates a self-proclaimed president in Venezuela, Macba is opening the necessary and timely exhibition Undefined territories. Perspectives on colonial legacies.

The Pluralistic Imaginary of La Capella

Global cities, futuristic dystopias and universal figures of the literary and linguistic imaginary all come together in La Capella in a group show with ten heterogeneous proposals around the idea of layers or of accumulated time.

Aesthetic as anaesthesia

He’s an international photographer with an impeccable reputation, and I’ve asked him a favour, as a friend: to accompany me to the World Press Photo Exhibition (WPPh). I’m interested in his personal vision of the tragedy. Because the WPPh is one big tragedy: in the photos almost no one is smiling.

The Other Catalans of the Biennale

There is life beyond the pavilion. The Catalan art scene in Venice nudge their way into institutional projects for the Biennale and also parallel initiatives.

Halloween at the Museum

There is a day for everything but if you want to attract young people you have to celebrate at night. And that is exactly what the “Museums Night” – the cool and fun version of the formal “Museums Day” – does.

Watch out for the Statues!

Pedro Azara’s project for the Catalonia Pavilion at the Venice Biennale confronts the viewer with their own emotional weakness with a series of visceral reactions of love and hate provoked by the images.

Memory, Pain… and Poletiquette

Mauthausen was again news. We talked about the weight of memory with Jesús Galdón, the author of the plaque that, through emptiness, recalls the victims of Nazi barbarism.

Exorcism on Paper

Fourteen works on paper are exhibited at N2 gallery by eleven outstanding artists, united by their “aesthetic tendencies broken by war, interior exile, different attempts to preserve their creative freedom and the dawning following the start of democracy”.

Twinkles and surprises

The world of art galleries is picking up, but more than that it is experiencing profound change. Not only are new galleries opening, but there are changes in the format, the business model, the planning and also the audiences.

The Invisible Magic of Quantum Physics

The ambitious exhibition “Quantum” which is showing at the CCCB attempts to explain the theory of quantum physics, including a dialogue between science and art.

Overflowing cities: too much mass tourism in Barcelona?

Who hasn’t flown to another European city on a budget flight and then stayed in an AirBnB? Who has never done “acritical tourism” or “place consumption” for a couple of days? It is not easy to raise the debate about the excess of tourism without falling into contradictions.

First Scan of an Illegal Abortion

Laia Abril has made the problem of illegal abortion universal and contemporary through her artistic project “On Abortion”, which is currently being shown at the Foto Colectania Foundation in Barcelona.

Damià Campeny in Mataró

“Reflextions. The Work of Damià Campeny”, at Ca l’Arenas of Mataró, is a show that emphasises the artist’s working method and his context.

10 Instructions for Bidding at Auction

Do you think buying art at an auction is easy? Well, you are wrong. Artur Ramon, who is an expert in the field, gives you ten basic tips to, at least, not make a fool of yourself in an auction.

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