Sergio Mora: expanded drawing and international success

Sergio Mora: expanded drawing and international success

Sergio Mora is able to express himself with as much freshness in a painting exhibition, an illustrated book either for adults or for all readers, a bizarre comic, an album cover or a subjective and non-neutral design for fashion or interiors. The book “Moraland” brings together a collection of his work.

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The voice of the weakest

The voice of the weakest

Beyond violence, war and politics, there are people who suffer, lives destroyed and incurable traumas. Turkish artist Erkan Özgen give a voice to these silenced stories.

The City Will Not Make Us Free

The City Will Not Make Us Free

The Umbral project in the Barcelona metro: thirteen suburban artistic works on migration and its political, social and symbolic contradictions.

Commissioned Portraits (1)

Recently there has been some controversy about the portrait of the King of Spain by the portrait painter Hernán Cortés Moreno, specialist in this type of work.

Surcharges in Olot

Political art has a very bad press, when what should really have a bad name is art which says nothing.

Game over. Insert coin

“Sobrecàrregues” is an initiative of the Assembly of Artists of La Garrotxa. Every month the Assembly invites an artist to hand on the façade of Olot Town Hall a life-sized interpretation of “The Charge” (1902) – the best-known work by Ramon Casas.

The Whole of Tharrats

An exhibition at the Fundació Tharrats d’Art Gràfic commemorates the centenary of the birth of this artist from Girona and explores his multiple creative sides.

Tintin on the Moon

CosmoCaixa invites us to an exhibition that links Hergé’s comic “Mission to the Moon” (1950) with the Apollo 11 mission (1969).

Colonizing New Art Spaces

Jordi Abelló’s research to find new formats and places to share his pictorial and audiovisual creation leaves no stone unturned.